Thursday, February 24, 2011

On how we got a free pie.

Z & I live very close to downtown, 
and we frequently walk the same route 
to get to our favorite local spots.

The other night we were walking home
from the coffee shop.

As we passed a little mom-and-pop
restaurant we heard, 
"Hey kids! Do you live in the neighborhood?"

We turned.
"Um..yes, we do."

A petite woman in the restaurant's kitchen entrance
moved out toward us.
"Oh good. Would you like a pie? I hate to
throw them out, and we have one of our peanut butter pies 
with whipped cream's one of our most popular!"

"Well...if we have to...", says Z, 
his mouth already watering.
 He can never say no to peanut butter.

The woman disappears & then returns with a
simple pink paper box. She introduces herself
as the owner (with her husband), says she has
seen us walking by, but wanted to make sure
we lived nearby since she'd like us to 
return the pie tin after we're done.

We thank her for her generosity & agree to stop in
for some food & bring her the pie tin soon. 
Again, we head back into the night
toward home, 
 but this time, we have pie.



Kate said...

Happy Jack's has been known for their pies for as long as I can remember! They make a great hamburger, too. Way was the pie?

Becky said...

Now that is something I miss about living in cities smaller than crazy this story! Wish I was there to share some pie with y'all. :-)

Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

it looks delicious! i love that she called you kids :) doesn't that make you feel awesome?

Village Life said...

best story ever. I will go buy one of these pies when I come back to Bakersfield...yum indeed.

Mike and Beth said...

That last comment was from me....but you probably already know that... :)