Saturday, February 19, 2011

Head Gear

I've been busy crocheting up lots of hats
& new styles lately.
 Here are a few photos.

 The bow on this one is actually adjustable
& sits just over the ear...too cute!

 My college colors were orange, purple, & white.
I really love that color combo on this hat.

 My oldest nephew recently demanded a new hat, 
so this one's for him!

 Another new style for me, a cloche with a rolled brim.
I used a super soft yarn since this one is a chemo cap.

 Another super soft, but really simple hat.
This one and the next are for my brand new niece!

 I love how the rosette & ruffled edge makes it look
like a little cupcake top.

I'm loving experimenting with new patterns,
& coming up with some of my own.
More hats & other projects are already in the works!


Stacey said...

Those are all great! The Clemson one is a classy combination of those colors (not easy!).
I love the 2 for Cyprus, the second one is crazy sweet! I hope we get to see a picture of her wearing it.

Golda said...

So cute! Jeremy wants to know how much for an extra large hat in a manly pattern and colors. Or something really nerdy.

Bethany said...

These are darling, Hannah! you are quite the talented hat artist.

Diana Mieczan said...

You are truly talented and I love all those hats. Beautiful, darling
Happy Thursday