Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday mornings are busy for us (duh). I sing in the choir at the early service. Zach assists and/or preaches at both services and teaches a Sunday School class in between. And in the evening I'm working on schoolwork and usually going to the Tyson House with Zach.

So you can imagine that we like our Sunday afternoons to be a little lazy. Here's a little peek:

Zach in comfy clothes does a little pickin', either before or after a nap on the couch.

Mr. W does his best to get cheese as I make some nachos. There is no real cooking on Sundays.

Zach gets pumped to watch some soccer (note his awesome new Chicago Fire early birthday present from me)!

I don't have pictures of me, but I stopped by the mall for a charity shopping event with some pretty good discounts and entered into a couple of drawings...fingers crossed.

Have a happy Sunday!

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Matt Keadle said...

love the jersey!!!