Sunday, November 09, 2008

Arts and Crafts

So I have this beautiful, multi-colored lamp that I adore. But lately I noticed that it was lacking something...I decided it needed a boost. I rarely have a set plan when I start a project, but I couldn't stop thinking of placing books under the lamp for some needed height and more visual interest. And why shouldn't I use books in my decor; afterall, I am a future librarian. But I didn't want to store my own treasured books under the lamp...oh no, those stay on the bookshelf unless I'm reading them, and then they follow me all over the house so that I can read a bit here or there.

Well then, what to do? Since I'm too cheap to buy hardbound tomes to simply lift up a lamp, I searched the free bins at a local used-book warehouse for discards that the store couldn't sell. While I originally thought that a couple of thick volumes (maybe shabby old dictionaries) would be best, I quickly changed my mind when I found 4 or 5 books in different colors and sizes. But the titles, save for one, weren't exactly ones that I wanted to display as part of my decor, so while at Target for some other errands I stumbled into the scrapbooking aisle. Bingo! I found some ribbon and some vintage-inspired metal labels.

Unfortunately I don't think the pictures that I took of the finished project do it justice (thanks, old camera), but here they are anyway.

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Mike and Beth said...

Marvelous! And I saw the real thing, so I should know.....