Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. Wilson

There are two things you should know about our funny little dog.

1. He has a love affair with cheese. He will do ANYTHING for even the smallest morsel or grated shred. I believe it began when he had an extended stay at my parents' house where dogs get LOTS of treats and meds were (formerly) hidden in bits of cheese. My sweet mother couldn't leave the other pups out, so she served all of them. (love you mama!)

I personally do not give Mr. W 'people food', but he can have what falls on the floor if he gets to it before I do. But I happen to know that Zach sneaks him some snacks when making himself a sandwich. The one really great thing about this whole cheese deal is that when we need him to come with us (say, into the bathroom where he stays while we're gone) all we have to say is CHEESE in a sing-song, high-pitched voice and he comes runnin'.

2. Mr. W is fiercely loyal and sweet. I know that some of you experience him while he's growly and grumpy, but that is usually when he is out of his element. The picture below is proof of his devotion to Zach (maybe because Z gives him cheese??). Some days I open the door around the time I know Z will be returning home. As soon as Mr. Wilson hears Zach's car pulling up he runs to the door and looks out. And as soon as Z gets out of the car, Mr. W is trying to push open the glass door so he can jump on Z and lick him. It is too precious. I love them both, my boys.


Mike and Beth said...

I do so understand the fiercely loyal and sweet, for that is what he is to me when he lives at my house....maybe it is because of the cheese....and all this time I thought it was just my sweetness that he loves....:)

Golda said...

My sister's dog loves cheese also. They keep a can of easy cheese on top of her crate and that's how they get her into the crate when they have to leave. They squirt it in her kong and she's happy for a good while.