Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Holy Week review

Z & I are still recovering from Holy Week, 
definitely the busiest time ever 
for a pastor (& family).

My favorite parts of the
week were the
Good Friday Bluegrass service,
 and the Saturday evening
Easter Vigil,
which included multiple baptisms
and a huge celebration.

The following morning we all 
gathered together again
for a beautiful Easter service
and children's Easter egg hunt.

When folks at church asked us what
we were doing for Easter (afternoon)
I replied, "Take a nap."
I think some of them thought I was joking, 
but that's exactly what we did.


Matt Keadle said...

Those are seriously awesome baptism shots... and I'm not just saying that as a liturginerd... really... If you send them with a little write-up about El Camino to The Lutheran mag and/or synod publicity person maybe they'll publish it!

Virginny Lee said...

Your church looks like a lovely place of worship! What joyful pictures!

campsmore said...

Nice little blog you have here!

Lori Parris

Pr. Emily said...

Beautiful photos! :) As always! Hope you are well!