Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up in Washington state

I'm just back from my sister's house in Washington, 
where we packed in as much visiting, play time, 
and adventures as possible into just a few days.

The first day I visited both boys' preschool classes
and built train tracks with my nephews.

But we decided we should get out & see
some nature while I was there, 
so we headed down the road to
the Dungeness Spit to hike around.

It was gorgeous, but pretty overcast & windy,
making it feel VERY cold!

So we played in the sand for a bit, 
had a little picnic, & hiked back up to the car.

The next morning I let my sister & her husband
go out for a long run all by themselves, 
while the boys and I had a party - complete
with party hats and noisemakers - before
we went outside for some quality chalk usage.

We even had time to dye Easter eggs while I was there!

Simon demonstrated some innovative 
cooking techniques.
(Be sure to wear a helmet & oven mitts
when using a light saber to heat your next meal.)

There was also plenty of hide and seek going on!

Simon likes to count to 2 before coming to look for you, 
so you have to hide quickly!

Please, no more pictures, Auntie H.

I adored seeing these guys
and of course my big sister, too!

When the kiddos went to bed, 
we had a great time catching up
& watching silly movies.
I'm so grateful that I got to sneak in a 
quick visit with them!


Mike and Beth said...

Oh yes, yes, yes....this makes my heart so happy. What else could I say? Love these pics!!!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww..those boys are so adorable and I love that you had a little party with them:) So sweet! have a great Thursday, sunshine