Friday, April 08, 2011

Park Life

Earlier this week I went with Z to a park
to hike around with my camera while he ran.

The interesting thing about this particular park 
is that it sits up on top of several bluffs, 
so you have a panoramic view of the mountains
to the east, and the oil fields stretching out to the north.

But there is also a river and canal that run
directly below the bluffs with a running trail, 
and there are dirt paths 
all along the bluffs that lead down to the water.

So you are left with an unusual combination of nature & industry
not typical (in my previous experience) of a park setting.


Matt Keadle said...

These are really cool images. Seattle also has some nature/industry parks like Gas Works Park - though I guess that's probably a post-industrial park. But one that's still nature/active industry is right here in Chicago - from Promontory Point you can see the apocalyptic smokestacks of Indiana and the Big Blue of lake Michigan from the very same spot.

Anyway, great post!

Hannah Q. Parris said...

Good point, Matt. This is the park we took you to see at night & never made it back over in the daytime. I guess what strikes me as different is that the focus of this park really seems to be the oil fields, whereas The Point has sort of an incidental view of the smokestacks. Here there are tons of benches right at the edges of the bluffs situated so that your only view is miles of oil fields, which I find really interesting.

Diana Mieczan said...

I totally adore your photos. You have such a great eye for beauty:) Have a great day, darling. Kisses