Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chi chi chi le le le vs. USA

Last Saturday we loaded up the car
stopping along the way to pick up
our friend Jen.

For this futbol match,
we were a house divided.
Z donned his USA jersey
& I was loyal to my beloved Chile.

Of course, none of the major players
were present from either team,
but it was still a great match.

17 minutes in, and one of Chile's
coaches is already ejected.

Looks like someone lost a contact.

Chi chi chi le le le! Viva Chile!

USA answers the Chile goal with a PK.

Pastor(s) USA!

Z made me touch Teal Bunbury
(who scored the US goal).

Jeff Larentowicz chats with fans
& Matt Reis, goalkeeper for
the Revolution.

So the end result was officially a 1-1 draw.
But I maintain that Chile won for 3 reasons:

1. More yellow cards.
2. Coach ejected from the game.
3. Our goal was not from a PK.

Therefore, Chile wins by way of
making the match more interesting.

Viva Chile.

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Mike and Beth said...

Yes! Viva Chile!!!!