Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain, rain

Here in Bakersfield
water is precious.
In a place that only gets 6-8 inches
of rain per year,
a day of rain is usually celebrated.

Unfortunately, a town that
never gets much rain is
not equipped to deal with a lot of rain.

It has been raining for 4 days now.

On Sunday, the ping ping ping of water falling
announced a leaky roof.

Cars are stalled in flooded roads as people
unfamiliar with driving in these conditions
attempt to finish their holiday errands.

The damage is daunting,
& I pray for all those affected.
But I also think, in some way,
the rain has forced us all to slow down,
to stop.

With all of the rushing around, the
usual break-neck pace of the holidays,
a moment of pause to reflect on the waters
may be just what we need.


Kate said...

I so agree with you...it did make us adjust out pace. I loved each and every moment of the rainy weather! Of course, we were lucky and didn't have a leak nor did we have to launch the kayak or build an ark.

Mike and Beth said...

Slow down...reflect on the water. Yes. Love you much.