Monday, May 17, 2010

Z graduates from seminary

This was a
BIG weekend
at our house.

After 4 years of grad school
Z is now has a
Master of Divinity.

Both sets of our parents came
to Chicago
to celebrate.

Much food was consumed.

Walking from The Newberry to Xoco.

Dad in the city.

Yummy food at Xoco

St. Thomas the Apostle

Z in line to graduate

The Parris family

Z with my folks

Z & Adam

Lovely Clemson/North Side friends

The Burks & us

The Graduate

Jumping (hopscotch-style) for joy!

More food (Greek, this time)

Gone crazy by the end of it all

Thanks to our parents for coming up, and to
all who have supported us through
seminary. We love you and appreciate
you more than you can know.


Virginny Lee said...

CONGRATS Zack!!! I hope yall are doing well and looking forward to the first call. I hear it might be Cali!

Geulah Kavel said...

This post is filled with stellar picture-taking, but I have to say 'Dad in the City' is probably one of the greatest photographs I've ever seen! :)