Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This long weekend
proved to be
pretty excellent overall.

I had a rare Saturday
off from work, so
we took full advantage of a
gorgeous day.

First we biked to the lake
and toured the
Osaka Japanese Gardens.
They are on the Wooded Island
behind the Museum of Science & Industry
in Jackson Park.

Then we rode over to a
small farmer's market.
(City life = smoke stacks and organic produce)

Finally we picked up Adam and
headed up to the Globe Pub
to catch the US victory over Turkey!

No pictures from the rest of the weekend,
but Sunday included church, babysitting
some awesome kids, and an evening trip
to Scoops, our favorite ice cream shop.

Today we got major morning
thunderstorms, but still
made it up to Bucktown
for a "cook-out" with friends.

Oh yeah, and since
Obama is our neighbor,
getting around Hyde Park
has been interesting.
We did enjoy seeing him in his helicopter, though!


Christina said...

gorgeous pics! we had my sis and fiancee in town last week and through the weekend. have been thinking of you guys lots - want to hear all about your trip out to cali!!!

Matt Keadle said...

that is one SWEET jersey.