Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wedding Pictures!

I have tons of wedding pictures, but
I won't post all of them.

Sorry (Chris) I've been
really crazy this week,
so this is the first chance I've had to post

Rehearsal dinner
Who's that mysterious fellow in the sombrero?

Cutie-pie flower girl.

Before shot.

The makeup artist brought some
gorgeous palettes.

New shoes from the groom to his bride.

My second mama since 4th grade
getting her hair & makeup done...beautiful!

One pretty bridesmaid getting ready...

Two pretty bridesmaids in the limo...

AH-mazing black velvet painting
of the Last Supper
in the church.


They did it!
Now on the the Party!

Our after shot.

My handsome Z & me.

The in-laws...they have a good time together.

Brother & them!

Um...this cake was soooo scrumptious!

Such joy in this photo :)

Oh yes, Chicken Dance with her new sisters!

These two
(my Dad & the flower girl)
put on quite a show!

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Mike and Beth said...

What a wonderful time! yay for love.