Monday, March 08, 2010

The Magnetic Fields!

For my birthday this year
I really wanted to see either
The Magnetic Fields
The Avett Brothers,
both playing March 7.

Both reportedly sol
d out.

I was disappointed
but then on Friday night
Z & I heard WXRT
announce that there were

a few tickets left to
The Magnetic Fields
after all!

So Z hopped online to
snap up the tickets
& off we went last night to the show

The Magnetic Fields is one of
my all-time favorite bands
so I was pretty darn excited
when we got to the Harris Theater
& found out our seats wer
e in the
9th row (what?!!) Amazing!

They were every bit as incredible
as I could have hoped,
but unfortunately no cameras
were allowed, so no photos this time.

Here we are getting ready to leave the apt.

We still plan on seeing The Avett Brothers
at some point (our friends Erin & JT went last night)
but The Magnetic Fields were exactly
what I wanted/needed last night--
the perfect start to my birthday week.

On a side note, the left arm of my glasses
just broke off last night & is currently taped on...
thank goodness for Mondays off & vision insurance.
I'll be heading to the eye doctor this afternoon, so
I may be getting new glasses for my birthday, too.

And on a final side note, my sister just posted a new status
on Facebook. It seems my 3 year old nephew
"comes in from playing, sits down, puts his head in his hands,
and says 'I need an apple; life is so hard!'"

I miss living close to all my nephews!


Mike and Beth said...

Happy Birthday week! :)

Virginny Lee said...

I was reading really fast, and totally read that you had 9th row seats at the Harris Teeter! what?! Happy Birthday!