Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow and a Maternal Visit

The snow and Mama's visit had nothing to do with each other,
but I'm grouping them together in this post anyway.

First it snowed a lot, at least by Knoxville's standards.

But by the time Mama came it was warming up.
She accompanied me to the church's annual
Grandmother-Mother-Daughter Banquet
and to church the next day.
I was SO happy
to have her here with me.

Here's Z looking snazzy in an apron and itty bitty bowtie
as one of the banquet servers.
He snagged some cheesecake toward the end of the evening.

And here's Mama and me,
trying to pose with the red heart balloon.
Thanks to Heidi for this shot.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mike and Beth said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, sweet ones! Loved being there, and love you!

From Michigan with Love said...