Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Artsy Fartsy Valentine's.

Z and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day...
Thank you for asking.

We started off with an afternoon at the art museum.
These perfume bottles really caught my eye.

Actually, we enjoyed the entire glass exhibit.
Two of our favorites were glass and wire baskets.
Visually stunning.
But their titles gave them powerful meaning.
"Don't Let People Drive You Crazy When It's Within Walking Distance" (not pictured)
"It's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Rights Anyway" (shown below)

After touring the inside of the museum, we stepped out to
enjoy a sculpture garden
and soak in a little sun.

Speaking of sun,
the garden provided a good view of the

Tracks just below the garden.

Looking rather dashing, I must say.

After our art museum date we planned on having an early dinner
to beat the Valentine's rush.

But then we passed the movie theater.
And we stopped.
We saw Slumdog Millionaire.

We were really hungry when the movie let out,
but the place we planned to eat then had at least a
one hour wait.
No thanks.

We thought Stir Fry Cafe might be a little more low-key,
and thank goodness we were right!
A five minute wait had us seated and waiting for these
veggie spring rolls with HOT mustard hearts.
(ooh, artsy fartsy food!)

After appetizers and entrees we thought we had enough room to split a
small dessert.
We ordered "Chocolate Indulgence"
and it wasn't messing around.

Huge chunk of chocolate cake with dark and light chocolate mousse layers,
chocolate icing full of mini chocolate chips,
coffee ice cream,
whipped cream,
and topped with warm chocolate sauce.


Mike and Beth said...

You should be a professional photographer - I am oh so impressed. Makes my heart happy (not my hot mustard heart) that you two had such a happy day. Love you much!

From Michigan with Love said...

Glad it was good for yeahs! Laura and I went to Goose Island in Wriglyville and had beer nachos and chicken quesadillas! Oh yeah and watched PSU on the big screen! I am either the worst boyfriend ever, or I have the greatest girlfriend on the face of the planet! I'm going for number 2! I don't have my own blog, so I have to fill up yours and Matts. <3 holiday love! :-)

Matt Keadle said...

1. Photos of food = awesome.

2. I call for even more photos of Zach looking pensive.

3. The new blog background totally fits this new photos/thoughts format you've been going with. Love it.