Thursday, December 22, 2011

Party like Bernie

Oh my, I have been a terrible blogger...
how is it already almost Christmas?!

These last few weeks have been filled
with juggling work, crocheting & making gifts, 
cleaning, throwing a little get-together, 
decorating our tiny Christmas tree, 
interviewing (more later), 
& shopping.

Also, I had a little issue with my
camera that's made it difficult to 
actually take photos of all these

I did use Z's iPhone to get a few shots
of the open house we had for 
Z's students.

Of note:
1. Our tree is so small that Z's head completely blocks it out
in this photo.
2. It's obvious that we know how to party...
Z is reading to everyone.

 They were all so tired from exams that
they were happy to sit, drink warm cider, 
and eat some holiday treats...
oh, and of course there was the 
first annual Christmas viewing 
of clips from
& the subsequent demonstration
of the hit dance craze, 

Yes, holiday cheer & tradition abounded.

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