Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Running in the heat

Last night Z ran in another race, 
even though it was still at least 100 degrees.
It was part of a summer series of races
where your time in the first race
determines your start time in the following races.

I ran the first one, but wasn't crazy hardcore
enough to run when it was so hot, 
so I just brought along my camera.

Anyway, since Z was a top finisher in the first race, 
he was one of the last racers to start last night, 
meaning that he had to spend the whole 5k
passing slower folks who started before him.

Here he is wondering if this is such a good idea, after all.

And....he's off!

Here's a long line of runners/walkers
making their way to the finish.

As if the heat isn't enough punishment, 
the course ends on an uphill.
(And no, I have no idea why that guy
is dressed as a ninja.)

And finally, with the sunset comes a little relief.


Diana said...

Wow, I can't run very far in cooler weather, I can't imagine the stamina with 100 degrees!

Hannah Q. Parris said...

Hi Diana! I was afraid that I would either be sick or pass out in front of everyone. It was just too hot for me to run, but I definitely respect all those who did!

Mike and Beth said...

Love this post!