Thursday, June 02, 2011

When art meets science.

Just came across this print & wanted to share it with you.

Isn't it awesome?

I adore the vibrant colors, the range of subjects, 
the style, everything about it.

I would love to see it in wrapping paper form, 
or even matted in a frame.

What about you?

Charles Harper- “Giant Golden Book of Biology”


Heba said...

lovely blog :)

Andrew and Kerri Luksa said...

before i read it, i thought "that would be great wrapping paper" it also reminded me somewhat of a pillow you made a long, long time ago ;)

Hannah Q. Parris said...

Heba, welcome! I'm glad you stopped by :)

Kerri, Yes! I guess my tastes haven't changed that much...and we still think very much alike. I've borrowed a sewing machine, so I may have to find some similar fabric to recreate said pillow!

Gifts By Katherine said...

Love it! Could you print it on plain paper and use it to wrap? Hugs

Diana Mieczan said...

Its a beautiful print, darling! Have a fantastic Monday, Kisses

Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful skirt GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for summer picnics!

Hearthandmade said...

i love the pattern!

So glad I found your blog!