Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random thoughts..

Boiling water makes for interesting photos.

Molly and Mr. Wilson are best buds now after she
stayed with us for a few days last week.
Also, Mr. W's paw is MUCH improved and his cone
comes off next week.
On the other hand, maybe he's starting a new trend: Doxie Pillow

And finally, totally random....
here is a picture of a bird I saw the other day.

So, things are pretty much the same these days,
applying, interviewing, and waiting to hear about jobs,
school, and homework.

It is starting to get cold here, though.
The radiators came on last night,
so here we go....!


Mike and Beth said...

I like your random thoughts....and pics....beautiful, as always.

Christina said...

Great pics! I'm usually too dumb to work this comment thing, so we'll see if it works this time! Thinking of you lots.... and following the blog, even though I'm too technologically illiterate to show it!