Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've gotta feelin'...

Today my friend Erin and I
went to be in the Oprah audience.

A couple of years ago we got to be on stage
as part of a world record:

100 people inside 1 bubble (we did it!)

And because we had to watch the rest of the show from backstage
we also received audience reservations for
a show taped shortly thereafter.

I didn't know the likelihood of getting tickets again,
but since I still don't have a job,
I'm trying to take advantage of my free time to do some fun stuff.

So off to Oprah we went this morning at 6 am.
The show was about hoarding (from A & E's "Hoarders")
which was interesting, but not the best part.

After some seating confusion we were taken from our obstructed view seats
down to the 4th row right behind Oprah's chair,
meaning we were within 10 feet of her the whole time,
plus we will be on TV when it airs.

The BEST part still, though, was before the actual show.
Oprah just had her 24th Season Kickoff Party on the Mag Mile
and it aired today while we were there.

So Oprah came in to the studio and watched Oprah on TV
with us, her studio audience, and she was sitting just a few chairs
away from us, commenting on the show
and just having fun.

Random opportunities to do things like this make me
love Chicago even more!


Mike and Beth said...

I thought you were going on Friday! What fun you do have! Happy, happy!

Mike and Beth said...

When does the show air?