Monday, July 09, 2007


Just a quick update and pictures from my parents' visit to Chicago. We were very sad to see them go, but we had a wonderful time with them. They arrived on Friday evening and we took them to Greektown for supper. On Saturday we slept in and then toured around Hyde Park, showing them where I work, 57th Street Books, and Hyde Park Produce. We also ate lunch at the Medici, then went next door for fresh bread...yum. Later we had friends Erin, JT, and Nora over for delicious homemade pizza and lots of fun! We wanted to show my parents some different areas of Chicago, so we went to the North Side for church on Sunday at Holy Trinity. Afterward we went to pick up some painting supplies for my class (yay)! We went home for lunch and a bit of rest before heading downtown on the Metra. Even though it was 94 degrees we enjoyed a free Brandi Carlile concert, then walked around the Taste of Chicago. We went home on a CTA train and bus to let them fully experience living in Chicago, and then had supper at Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop. It was a very full, but happy weekend, and I wish they could have stayed longer!

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Mike and Beth said...

Thanks for a wonderful weekend! We'll be back.....! Love you!