Monday, May 14, 2007

Everything I've Ever Wanted to Tell You

We've been so busy lately we haven't been able to get to the blog. So let me fill you in.

Since the last time we updated my family visited. Mama, Mamaw, my brother Matthew, and my cousin Anna came up. We all had a really good time. Unfortunately, it was a little bit colder than we would have liked. Hannah and I showed them around the neighborhood. Then we went downtown for a day before they had to get back home.

Also, Hannah was able to sneak back to North Carolina about a week ago. She suprised her grandmother for her birthday. Hannah really enjoyed getting back to North Carolina, if only for a few days.

Hannah and I celebrated our 1st anniversary this past weekend. We went to Indianapolis and saw Monty Pyton's Spamalot. I've got some pictures of this.

We've also been able to get out and see some other stuff. One weekend we were able to make it out to a Chicago Fire game with some of our friends. They are Chicago's professional soccer team. They play at a nice new stadium pretty close to where we live.

I've also been able to make it to some White Sox games as well.

Coming tomorrow I'll get you updated on more academic things. So, stay tuned.

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